50~60年代のカウンターカルチャーの影響を色濃く受けた作風は、日本の美的感覚とアメリカのレトロな イラストレーションを融合した独自のスタイルを形成している。シニカルでユーモアたっぷりなストーリーを想起させる作風は国境を越えて多くの人達に支持されアメリカ、フランス、オーストラリア、ブラジル、台湾、イギリス等様々な国で作品を発表。現在までにVANS,NIXON,BEAMS 等へのアートワークの提供など、国内外問わず活動の幅を広げている。 





Yusuke Hanai was born in Japan in 1978. At the age of 17 Yusuke gained a new found passion in art after discovering the Grateful Dead album cover artwork of legendary artist Rick Griffin. In an effort to capture the spirit of Rick Griffin, Jack Kerouac and the '60's counter-culture movement of San Francisco, Yusuke left Japan for the United States in 2003 to study illustration at the Academy of Art College, San Francisco. Yusuke's artistic breakthrough occurred at the '06 Green Room Festival in Yokohama Japan when Laguna Beach based Wil Pennartz, owner/curator of The Surf Gallery was so impressed with Yusuke's sign painting that he invited him to participate in '07 The Happening in New York City. Expanding his illustration and fine art vision beyond his nostalgic roots, Yusuke continues to capture the hearts of many people worldwide. His artistic works have been exhibited in Australia, Brazil, California, London, New York, Paris, and Tokyo. Yusuke is currently living in Japan, where he continues his artistic endeavors as an illustrator/fine artist.