"”PebbLes AND RiPPLes”" by Yusuke Hanai

PebbLes AND RiPPLes


2023年6月16日(金)- 7月8日(土)



2017年GALLERY TARGETでの個展以降、海外での大掛かりな個展やミュージアムでの展覧会を開催し、活動の幅が大きく広がった花井祐介が6年分の思いを込め臨む本展覧会。

















PebbLes AND RiPPLes


2023年6月16日(金)- 7月8日(土)

*12:00 - 19:00オープン





03 6427 3038

*オープニングレセプションは6月15日(木)18:00 - 20:00開催いたします

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 ”PebbLes AND RiPPLes

by Yusuke Hanai

June 16th(fri.) - July 8th(sat.), 2023



GALLERY TARGET is pleased to present Yusuke Hanai's solo exhibition starting from June 16th, 2023.

Since his solo exhibition at GALLERY TARGET in 2017, Yusuke Hanai's range of activities has expanded greatly, with major solo exhibitions overseas and museums.

In this exhibition, we are going to show new body of paintings as well as a large scale installation and editioned works.

Hanai consistently depicts everyday life, ordinary scenes, and events that are slightly different from the usual. We invite you to see his new works that will lit a small light in the hearts of yours.


From the artist:

The view I suddenly saw. The funny look of a drunken friend. Words that were not well conveyed. Repeated failures.

 A song from a radio. A passage of text you see. The smell of the wind that changes each season. The color of clouds. The coldness of the water. The tiny hand of a daughter. The cat's soft paw. The cold tip of a nose.

 The small events that occur in our everyday lives do shake the surface of our minds for a few minutes, then we forget.

 That shake is like the ripples on the water that you see after throwing pebble and it slowly disappears.

However, even though the ripples disappear, the pebble still is sinking down to the bottom.

Even if you pick up a sunken pebble, you are no longer sure if it is the pebble that shook your heart or the pebble that created the ripples.

I am not certain, but I keep picking them up.

Then, thinking that the next ripple might not disappear but continue to spread, I throw a pebble into the water again.

And I keep throwing pebbles.


PebbLes AND RiPPLes

by Yusuke Hanai

June 16th(fri.) - July 8th(sat.), 2023

* Open from 12:00 - 7:00pm

* Closed on Sunday, Monday & Holidays



1F 5-9-25 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1500001

+81 3 6427 3038

* Opening reception on June 15th (thur) from 6:00 - 8:00pm

* For oversea collectors, visit the show in FWEN Metaverse!