1984年16最の頃からグラフィティ・ライターとしてESPOという名前描き始める。1994年ニューヨークに移り「Go Magazine」を発行、1999年にはライターを辞めアーティストととして活動。以後、ベネチア・ビエンナーレやリバープール・ビエンナーレに参加、世界中のギャラリーや美術館にて作品を精力的に発表中。


「LOVE LETTER TO THE CITY」は世界中の町にパワーズがアートでラブレターを書くプロジェクト。2005年にコニー・アウランド(ニューヨーク)市長とともに、コニー・アイランド復興のため遊園地にあるサインや乗り物をポワーズがキュレーションしたアーティストたちと共ににペイント。2007年にフルブライト奨学金をもらいダブリンの街にミューラルをペイント。街や自治体を協力し、ポルティモアのミューラル・アーツ・プログラムより依頼されフィラデルフィアの街に50以上の壁画、活動はサンパウロから南アフリカ、世界の10都市にまで及んでいる。2015年にニューヨーク市のサマー・ストリート・プログラムより依頼され街の電信柱にパワーズが描いたサインを設置。ポジティブなメッセージやアートを必要とする地域にラブレターを描き続ける傍ら、ベースのニューヨークでは自身のショップ”ESPO’s Art World”を経営している。








Born in 1968

Lives and works in New York & Brooklyn, New York


Stephen Powers was born and raised in Philadelphia, where in 1984 as an overgrown 16 year-old, started writing the name ESPO around his neighborhood and eventually around the world. In 1999 Powers stopped writing graffiti and tending bar to dedicate himself to being a full-time artist. In spite of early spite his work has been shown at Venice and Liverpool Biennials, as well as numerous shows at Deitch Projects. Powers was a Fulbright scholar in 2007. He used the grant to paint in the streets of Dublin and Belfast. His work in Belfast’s Lower Shankill area was inspired by the area’s political murals; Powers told the New York Times that he was “taking the form of the murals, which are powerful for all the wrong reasons, and trying to retain some of the power and use it in a really good way.”


Building on the first Love Letter project started in Ireland, Powers executed a mural project about the complexities and rewards of relationships titled A Love Letter for You. In Philadelphia, Stephen (call him ESPO) and his crew (call them ICY) painted more than 50 walls along the elevated train along Market Street in West Philly. The project, sponsored by a grant from the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage through the Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative, and produced with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, has generated positive reviews from the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Art in America The Love Letter project has now grown to more than ten cities spanning the globe from São Paulo to South Africa.  He lives and works in New York City where he makes and sells art at his store, ESPO’s Art World in Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill


Powers’s work has been exhibited internationally, including Deitch Projects, New York; Joshua Liner Gallery, New York, NY; GALLERY TARGET, Tokyo; V1 Gallery, Copenhagen; The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Philadelphia; Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Brooklyn Museum, New York, among others.