1979年 愛知県生まれ。






Born in Aichi in 1979.

An illustrator and artist living in Kamakura who is known for his nihilistic yet pop-oriented style. In recent years, he has been active worldwide, including in countries like the UK, France, Spain, Dubai, Hong Kong, Seoul and Beijing, participating in shows and keep showing new body or works. In 2005, he garnered attention for illustrations featuring faces shaped like peanuts. His works are based on manga and animation influences from his childhood, incorporating elements from Western artists like James Jarvis and KAWS, resulting in a style that transcends nationality. This might reflect how Japanese individuals have maintained their unique culture while incorporating influences from the West to create something even more special. OSON’s pieces feature individuals with various skin tones, as well as monsters and robots. "Diversity" has been a constant theme since the start of his career, forming the core of his values.