「Crying Dog」by Russell Maurice

「Crying Dog」



GALLERY TARGET は4月14日からラッセル・モーリスにとって初の日本での個展となる「Crying Dog」を開催致します。

本タイトルは70年代から80年代にかけて作られた「Crying Dog」と呼ばれたミステリアスなセラミック・フィギュアに由来します。

このセラミック・フィギュアの作者や意味は不明で、モーリスはこの謎の物体に自身が受けたスタイリスティックで主題的な影響を飾りつけ現代版の「Crying Dog」をつくりあげました。

彫刻、ペインティング、アニメーション、セル画、ホログラフ、ライトボックスなど様々なフォーマットを使いモーリスの世界観、彫金術、コスミック・コミックのアプローチでコミックの抽象画を展開、キャンバス作品だけでなくモーリスが好んで使用する布切れやカットアウトも併用し「Crying Dog」について探求していきます。

またこの展覧会ではメディコム・トイ製セラミック・フィギュアCrying Dog(エディション100)先行発表致します。

鹿児島の陶磁器ブランドONE KILNに依頼しひとつずつ丁寧に製作する限定商品になります。




「Crying Dog」


4月14日(金)- 28日(金)

*オープニング・レセプション:4月13日(木)19 – 21時

12時 – 19時 (日・祝閉廊)










“Crying Dog”

Russell Maurice


GALLERY TARGET present Crying Dog, Russell Maurice’s first solo show in a Japanese Gallery.

The title refers to a surreal phenomenon of ‘crying dog figurines’ that emerged in the 1970s and 80s and which exists in many variations. Attempts to solve the mystery of its origin or meaning have been impossible. Maurice has merged this mysterious archetype with his own complex array of stylistic and thematic influences.

Working on a wide mix of formats, sculpture, painting, animation cel’s, holographic elements and light-boxes, each of these will be used to convey Maurice’s universe, his alchemic, cosmic-comic approach, his own version of Comic Abstraction.

The exhibition will also celebrate the launch of a ceramic edition Crying Dog sculpture produced with Medicom.

Crying Dog explores Maurice’s continuing use of the ragged, the scrappy, cut-out, off-cuts… not just clean canvases: more hobo than highbrow. Yet what may at first seem like a lean towards Pop Art is in fact a continuation of his search into the mystical and pan-psychic themes of death and rebirth, of afterlife and this time… real-life. His use of the Comic, though, retains some boldness, smearing from Neo Neo Romanticism through a pastel puddle of Surrealism en route to a white gloved handful of Comic Abstraction. Reassessing the Cartoon’s low-brow reputation, presenting simplified comic imagery as purified form. Maurice’s work is that of the true Pilgrim: forever searching, even whilst getting pretty bashed up on its travels. The Dog is not alone. He stands amidst other tearful creatures, set within this landscape of otherworldliness:- Still still-lives, bits of bits of Coral. Fulgurite Golems. Bleached smurf bottle stoppers. Old boots. Gravestones. POPPLES. Candlesticks. Lightning… all some how present somewhere on this journey.


“Crying Dog”

Russell Maurice

April 14th (fri) – 28th (fri)

Opening reception: April 13th (thur) from 7 – 9 pm

Open from 12 – 7 pm 

Closed on Sunday & Holidays


Maurice has exhibited Globally including a recent 2-man residency and exhibition with Antwan Horfée at Somerset House, London and a show at Slow Culture (LA) with Eric Elms and Lucas Dillon.

He has shown alongside artists such as Chapman Brothers, Peter Blake, Misha Hollenbach, Ed Atkins and Turner Prize winner – Laure Prouvost.

Russell Maurice was born in 1975 in Newcastle. He lives in Tokyo and London.