幼少時より始めたお絵描きから女の子のキャラクターの原形が生まれ、それはconixが成長過程で触れてきた様々なカルチャーによって磨かれてきた。4歳頃から読んできた漫画から影響を受けたデフォルメされた表現と、10代で触れたグラフィックデザインの記号的図案や図形的表現などもconixの描く女の子に凝縮されている。本人が「コミック的かわいさの公約数」と言うように、シンプルなカラーとラインで構成された作品には、長い時間をかけて紡がれてきたエッセンスが溢れれている。2022年にGALLERY TARGETで初個展を開催、以後様々なグループ展に参加し国外にも活動の場を広げている。





Born in Chiba, Japan.

Conix's expression is an extension of the characters drew in childhood. Start drawing at a very young age, giving birth to the original form of the girl character, and has been refined by cultures and experiences that conix went through while growing up. Influenced by the over exaggerated expressions and the symbolic designs and graphic expressions of manga that conix was exposed to as a teenager, all of these cultures are condensed into girls conix draws. "a common denominator of comic cuteness" is the essence of all the art works, which have been spun over a long period of time, hidden in catchy works composed of simple colors and lines. In 2022, held first solo exhibition at GALLERY TARGET, and since then CONIX has been participating in various group exhibitions and expanding careers outside of Japan.