1981年 福島県生まれ。






Born in 1981.

Raised in Fukushima-ken, one of a famous historical town in Japan. A member of an artistic crew "81 BASTARDS". MHAK received much influence from well designed and sophisticated furniture, interior and spatial art. He started to see paintings to be a part of an interior and began creating works under the theme of "coexist with the space". As a result, unique pattern constructed with variety of complex curved lines became MHAK's signature. His luscious patters received much recognition as well as commissions from both individual and public organizations. For the past decade, MHAK mainly showed his works oversea. Cities such as New York, Los Angels, Portland, Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Sydney and Milan. In recent years, MHAK had been creating art works enthusiastically for revitalization projects of his hometown, Aizuwakamatsu.