"This is the secret everyone knows" by 高木耕一郎

”This is the secret everyone knows” by Koichiro Takagi

2018 6/14() - 6/30()

Open 12-7 pm (日・祝休廊)  

オープニングレセプションは614日(木) 7 - 9 pm  




”This is the Secret everyone knows”


















“This is the secret everyone knows” by Koichiro Takagi

June 14th (Thur) - June 30th (Sat)

Open 12-7 pm (closed on Sun & holiday)  

*Opening reception on June 14th (Thur) from 7 - 9 pm

*Artist will be at the opening reception



Where do gods exist?  Is it a secret?

They probably exit in ourselves and we ourselves are the gods.


Takagi often depict animals with more than two eyes, showing fangs and making goofy expressions which brings some sense of discomfort to viewers.  Calling them gods is bit anomaly but for Takagi, they are his gods.

When someone says this is the god, should we blindly believe it?

For Takagi, god is one of a symbol showing whats ahead of this.

Each one of us have own concept of values., rules, thoughts and we all have our own gods and verity.



Koichiro Takagi 

Artist based in Tokyo.


Takagi learned silk-screen printing in San Francisco then he moved to New York after graduation from school, and started his career as a painter.  Takag’s usage of medium varies from painting to embroidery but the theme consists in "uncomfortableness".He creates the bright colored mystic world by distorting and patchworking of the present and the past, the reality and the fantasy.